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My Cafe – Restaurant Game (MOD Menu) – create your own unique coffee shop, with a host of amenities and great prices that will lure all the residents of your city. Create new masterpieces and gain popularity, thereby bypassing all your competitors. The game is very simple and intuitive controls, and a user-friendly interface, save money and buy new jewelry and make your small mini restaurant one of the best in the whole city. Become the best chef of all time in the new interesting and exciting My Cafe mod apk!

You are a business lover, especially in the food service industry such as a cafe or a restaurant. You want to set up, decorate, serve and make money from your own cafe. Come to My Cafe mod apk right away, this game will bring you to those exciting experiences. You will transform into the beautiful Ann, she is both the manager of the restaurant and also an employee. Let’s do business with her, build up your own branded coffee chain.

About the game My Cafe

Perhaps the dream of owning a small cafe and then developing it into a big brand is one of the dreams that many young people want to fulfill the most, because it can bring high income, you can learn from it. to trade it everywhere because this type of business is quite popular. But to be able to give up a stable job and start your own business is not an easy thing, so try playing the game My Cafe right away to see what you need to do as well as get the jobs done. Necessary to open a cafe.

Attractive gameplay

When starting the game, you will start with zero and be guided by Ms. Ann in detail from how to arrange tables and chairs neatly, to position the machines so that they are scientific and beautiful, then you can do as you like, to be able to create a cafe in your own style. And also from that particular style that you can create a cafe that can be from popular, luxurious, stylish or monotonous, it all depends on you.

In order for the cafe to operate, you need to purchase and equip your cafe with equipment and machinery for the job such as: Ice cream machine, tea pot, Espresso machine, grinder, machine juicer… All these machines will assist you in the preparation and operation of the shop.

After preparing the necessary machinery, you need to have an attractive drink menu that can combine different items to create a delicious glass of water. For example, making tea with milk turns into milk tea, espresso with milk turns into Machiato. In addition, there are many other special combinations for you to explore, because bartending is a very fascinating business and you can experience it infinitely.

Owning new recipes you can also get from your customers, when they ask you to make a glass of water according to their request, you just have to follow and you will have a dish. New drinks are attractive, if you can’t find the recipe of that new item, you can buy them with diamonds, but note that you must level up to unlock the recipe.

Preparing for customers on demand is also one of the tasks that you need to perform, each special request will help you earn more money. Each customer will ask you for a maximum of special drinks, which you must complete before moving on to the next request.

Grow the size of the store

From a small cafe at first, gradually with the forms of customer attraction you need to expand to be able to serve more customers. When playing the game My Cafe, you will see the meticulousness and authenticity of this game maker. In addition to furniture, furniture or landscape details, you are also acquainted with the most specific business strategies. But at the same time, your efforts are still very important, work harder, serve customers more conscientiously and communicate with them to gain experience points.

Create many attractive business strategies

To get more customers as well as get the most profit, you need to have a really attractive business strategy that can attract customers and compete with many other competitors. Business strategies that you can apply such as creating promotions, reducing product costs to be able to compete with other cafes. product quality further improved. You can also create product combos, selling at a lower price, but selling more, this is a sales tactic that is widely applied by coffee shops today.

Along with the above campaigns, you can also create a more beautiful cafe space with your own aesthetic.

Improve service quality

If you are a good service and communication person, it is not enough, because just one mistake in a certain department can negatively affect your store. That’s why you need to train your staff so that they are professional, everyone is proficient in their work, welcoming and communicating well with customers. Learning failure that many cafes encounter. Employee training can take a lot of time as well as money, but giving up the little things can lead to long-term growth.

My Cafe Mod Apk version

Using the Mod Apk version will bring you a lot of interesting things, you can spend and buy the necessary things comfortably without reducing money. But there is a note that you can only shop with products that pay with coins, and you also need to reach certain levels to be able to buy the corresponding items.

Features Mod
Unlimited Money

Download My Cafe Mod Apk latest version for Android phones

My Cafe- my cafe is definitely one of the games that you should play, maybe just for fun, or also to experience the experience if you want to open a cafe of your own. It has all the same features as a real-life cafe business. Get enough friends to play together so you can have fun and compete with each other. With My Cafe Mod Apk version can only be installed for android phones, for those of you using other operating systems, we will update the new version as quickly as possible.



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My Cafe

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