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It can be said that the simulation game genre has always attracted the attention of players when it almost recreates activities and work in daily life in the most authentic way. But when in the game, players can complete it in a much simpler way. And if you are looking for an attractive simulation game to play, Car Parking will be a good choice. Now, let’s learn about this game and Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK version see what’s interesting.

About the game Car Parking

If you are in big cities, you can understand how difficult it is to find a parking space because the infrastructure is limited, unchanged, while the number of cars is increasing, precisely because Yet early car owners find it difficult to find a place to park. And this is the inspiration for game developer Olzhass to launch the Car Parking Multiplayer game. When participating in the game, you will participate in a free driving and parking course. Because the game is played online, you can also interact with many people around the world.


When participating in playing Car Parking, you will have to participate in a completely new task in the game environment, which is to put the car in the right position that the game requires, sounds simple right? But it’s actually quite difficult. Not only do you have to do it skillfully, but you have to be extremely precise. Because it only takes a little carelessness such as hitting a car next to you, hitting a fence or pedestrians on the road, you have to start from the beginning.

With the first two levels, you just need to go straight at a steady speed and stop at the right time. But the difficulty begins when you get to the 3rd level, the parking space is quite far from your location, but more difficult is that you have to park between two other cars. That’s why you have to be very careful while moving and parking, because just one mistake, you will have to play from the beginning.

But not yet, in each level, the game will specify a certain amount of time, if within that specified time period you cannot complete the task, you will be the loser. The game exploits the psychology of people in normal life, so when playing the game you will see the rush and anxiety of daily life.

Sound, graphics of the game

It can be said that the graphics of the Car Parking game are extremely impressive, all phenomena in the game from the house, the car, the road system, the trees are simulated in detail and extremely realistic. . Along with that, your car is also moved smoothly and accurately, making it easier for you to control your car.

Game mode

Currently, Car Parking has 3 different game modes including:

Levels: This is the core mode of the game, you need to overcome the challenges of the game, with difficulty from low to high, so you will have the opportunity to practice as well as improve your driving ability. with this mode you can get a lot of money.
Singleplayer mode: This is a free driving mode, so you can drive anywhere you want, roam, enjoy the scenery. Here, there is no mission, no purpose, and of course no rules. At Car Parking, there are many different types of maps, from city, beach, desert, country…
Online game mode: This is a game mode that allows you to connect with many people around the world through chat and messaging. Drive with your friends or make new friends.
Character system and cars

Car Parking has a car system with many different types of cars from cars to BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari… Each car will have different control mechanisms, strengths and weaknesses. You can unlock these luxury cars to be able to own beautiful cars with more powerful engines.

In addition, the characters are also quite rich, you can own different characters such as astronauts, policemen or office workers ….

What does Car Parking Mod Apk version have?

No need to spend too much time to level up, you can play the game at any time with the best features.

Mod feature
Unlimited Money: Money is the most important thing in the game and we give it all to you, you can use it to unlock characters and cars for free.
Download Car Parking Mod Apk game for Android phones

It can be said that Car Parking is extremely entertaining with extremely beautiful gameplay and graphics, the appeal of the game to players is shown very coaxingly through the number of people downloaded from google play of more than 10 million. Downloads. Please download the game Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK to be able to experience the most perfect entertainment moments.



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Car Parking Multiplayer

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